A day in the life of INCOGNITO backstage, Jan 2016

Incognito Backstage

Incognito in Ashford 2016 preparing for a performance

I was privileged to spend a whole day in the life of the band Incognito and shot many candid/reportage images during the preparation and performance of their gig in Ashford, Kent, 29th Jan 2016.

The photographs were all taken using only available light.



Ngqoko Women Portraits

Keepers of Music: Ngqoko Women

This portrait work was taken in a remote village, Eastern Cape, South Africa. 

The images are a group of Traditional Musicians, Healers and Storytellers known as the Ngqoko Women’s Ensemble who sing in overtone and play traditional instruments. They have performed in concerts and collaborations all over South Africa and also overseas.


The photos were taken in a traditional round hut known as a Rondevaal (made from mud, and reeds/straw), on a  6×6 format Hasselblad film camera, using portable lighting mixed with available lighting. They are smoking a traditional long pipe called Mbheka-phesheya and playing bowed instruments known as Uhadi and Umhobi.

This work is to be used in a book and exhibition project entitled: The Keepers of Music (date: TBA).


Creative London based Photographer: I am very versatile and shoot in a number of different genres.

This makes my work perfect for annual report photography where different skill sets are often required. These skills can equally work well in modern wedding photography and retail advertising. The variety of my work keeps me fresh rather than being too fixed to one approach.

This website is a celebration of my many years as a professional photographer and showcases a lot of my personal work as well as professional assignments. Many changes to the industry have occurred since I started out but my basic approach remains the same and furthermore, I have embraced the current technology available to my advantage:

Although I am not the type of Professional Photographer to be put into a one category box, I do always shoot very clean graphic images in terms of composition, use of light & shadow and attention to detail. My portraits reflect the personality of my subjects with whom I quickly establish a rapport, enabling them to relax and be themselves.

I use portable lighting in many of my shoots but still capture candid moments within this controlled environment. However, I mainly use available light when photographing travel, lifestyle and reportage scenes.