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Showcasing my creative professional photography portfolio 

This website is a celebration of my many years as a creative london based professional photographer and presents a lot of my personal work as well as commissioned assignments. My attributes: I am fun to work with but have the commitment to go beyond the call of duty in order to produce the best results. I can also achieve spontaneity in my photographs within a controlled environment.
I am based in a beautiful riverside location in Twickenham on the Thames in South West London. I undertake photoshoots all over London, the UK, Europe and have worked in many parts of the world, often in harsh environments on short deadlines but have the necessary experience, determination, plus good organisational and communication skills to create great imagery
My personal portrait work: is in the collections of the National Media Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. My photographs are sold as prints posters internationally and I also license my images for royalties.

Please click/tap on the thumbnails above to preview many more portfolio pages of my photographs. I hope you enjoy my work. Simon Lewis

Creative London based Photographer: I am very versatile and shoot in a number of different genres.

This makes my work perfect for annual report photography where different skill sets are often required. These skills can equally work well in modern wedding photography and retail advertising. The variety of my work keeps me fresh rather than being too fixed to one approach.

This website is a celebration of my many years as a professional photographer and showcases a lot of my personal work as well as professional assignments. Many changes to the industry have occurred since I started out but my basic approach remains the same and furthermore, I have embraced the current technology available to my advantage:

Although I am not the type of Professional Photographer to be put into a one category box, I do always shoot very clean graphic images in terms of composition, use of light & shadow and attention to detail. My portraits reflect the personality of my subjects with whom I quickly establish a rapport, enabling them to relax and be themselves.

I use portable lighting in many of my shoots but still capture candid moments within this controlled environment. However, I mainly use available light when photographing travel, lifestyle and reportage scenes.