Bespoke wedding album designs London

Bespoke Wedding Album Designs in Storybook style by Simon Lewis Photographer: Here are some examples of my twelve inch storybook style wedding album and matching parent book. These can either be added to my wedding photography packages (inclusive in the premium ones) or ordered separately.

The page layouts are lay flat: allowing for creative double page spreads without staples or folds getting in the way. The book pages are printed on thick high quality photographic paper. There are many cover choices available, ranging from contemporary brushed steel to more tradition styles.

The storybook pages can be composite images or just one image across a double page spread. Images can be mixed in colour black and white and sepia. Each page/spread is designed to show the photography to it’s best. I can also vary the border colours and I often like to have light page backgrounds for the service and portraits and then change to dark background for the evening reception.

Prices vary according to the album size and number of pages required.

The albums can only be ordered as part of my photography services. Simon Lewis

My Approach to Family Portrait Photography

My Approach to Family Portrait Photography

Throughout my professional career I have always enjoyed portrait photography. I have the knack of capturing the personally of my subjects wether it is a famous celebrity, a company director or family portrait shoot. My portrait sitters have included: Sir Richard Branson, Sir Clive Sinclair, Alan Rickman, Steve Davis, Anne Robinson, Juliet Stevenson, Patricia Hodge, Bill Oddie and Melvin Bragg. My portrait work has been exhibited at a nationally at the National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of Media 

I always shoot very clean graphic images in terms of composition, use of light & shadow and attention to detail. Some of my peers consider me as a master of lighting and the use of lighting is a very important part of my work.
I often shoot portrait groups, individual Portraits and head shots using a simple white or light gray backdrop (and occasionally Black for a more dramatic result). My portrait subjects are simply lit with light weight studio flash units that are diffused to give a softer even light. The use of this type of set up enables me to work quickly and efficiently and gives me the opportunity to achieve spontaneity and build a great rapport with my subjects during my sessions. When working to specific brief I can arrange lighting to achieve a particular result.

My portrait set ups can also be mobilised and can be set up in any large room, church hall, business premises or wedding venue thus enabling me to work anywhere in the UK and Europe.
I often shoot family portrait groups and individual portraits at locations that are special to my subjects. These can be riverside locations, parks, gardens, family homes or famous landmarks. There are plenty of great riverside and park locations right on my doorstep and I also own a dutch barge on the Thames that has a large deck and offers superb panoramic views up and down the river.

I will travel to any chosen location in the UK and Europe and carry portable flash that can be very effective in backlit situations and wedding receptions. I always diffuse my lighting to create a more natural looking shot. This works particularly well at wedding venue photoshoots where there is a lot of portrait work to be done efficiently within a limited period of time. The art of good wedding photography is to fit seamlessly into the day allowing everyone to enjoy themselves.

To see more work please go to:

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIMON LEWIS  (Click on individual thumbnails to view portfolios)

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Creative London based Photographer: I am very versatile and shoot in a number of different genres.

This makes my work perfect for annual report photography where different skill sets are often required. These skills can equally work well in modern wedding photography and retail advertising. The variety of my work keeps me fresh rather than being too fixed to one approach.

This website is a celebration of my many years as a professional photographer and showcases a lot of my personal work as well as professional assignments. Many changes to the industry have occurred since I started out but my basic approach remains the same and furthermore, I have embraced the current technology available to my advantage:

Although I am not the type of Professional Photographer to be put into a one category box, I do always shoot very clean graphic images in terms of composition, use of light & shadow and attention to detail. My portraits reflect the personality of my subjects with whom I quickly establish a rapport, enabling them to relax and be themselves.

I use portable lighting in many of my shoots but still capture candid moments within this controlled environment. However, I mainly use available light when photographing travel, lifestyle and reportage scenes.